Down to business at A Cabeciña!

It’s all go, go, go on the second day of A Cabeciña dig! The sun, a refreshing breeze and the excitement of what is yet to come were ideal conditions for a day’s work.

But before we start with our mattocks and shovels we must lay out our trench. For this campaign we will focus our digging on the upper terrace of the hill fort. That is where the most spectacular archaeology was uncovered earlier this year (read our site diary for day 1 to learn more).

With the help of the total station we recorded the corners of our excavation unit and then marked it with string.
Escavación castro
Now we know exactly where to start striking our mattocks! We have to be very careful to go layer by layer to avoid damaging the archaeology. The only finds our team should have for now are plant roots and buckets of dirt!

Whilst part of the team carried wheelbarrows back and forth to the growing heap of dirt, our hi-tech couple Sarah and Rebecca started work for the 3D recording of the site. They took photo after photo and…we will reveal no more! Watch this space to find out more and see some cool examples of their work.
Escavación castro
A couple of local neighbours passed by and chatted with some of our volunteers, and we also received our first visitors for Xosé’s guided tour, including Raúl and Adolfo’s dog Rúa!

Our guided tours are at 12:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, plus extra sessions at 19:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Come and watch archaeology in action – even if it is just for the beautiful views!
Escavación castro

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