Day (and Night) of Anthropology

Costa dos Castros is not only about archaeology. Anthropology, the discipline that studies humanity and culture, is also part of our project.

Today our multidisciplinary team learnt all about the research Guadalupe Jiménez-Esquinas is carrying out with us throughout August, as part of a partnership of Costa dos Castros the Institute of Heritage Sciences (Spanish National Research Council, Incipit-CSIC).

Guadalupe is studying the social impact of the archaeological work at A Cabeciña. Her research is part of a European project called NEARCH, which aims to study and propose new scenarios for a community-involved archaeology.

Two of NEARCH’s main action fields are a, informing and involving people in community archaeology and b, aiming for economic sustainability in archaeology.

Guadalupe found that Costa dos Castros fits in perfectly with the new ways of doing archaeology proposed by NEARCH, and therefore is an ideal case study as part of this project.

A Cabeciña. Día 3.

Anthropologists for a day

Today we received a visit from Guadalupe’s colleague, Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, who is also a researcher at Incipit-CSIC. After visiting A Cabeciña site, Cristina led a course for the whole team on anthropological investigation methods for archaeologists.

Throughout Cristina’s two-hour course we learnt about the different techniques that Guadalupe is using for her research at Costa dos Castros, such as participant observation, interviews and group discussion. The team even had the opportunity to practice their interview skills during a practical exercise at the end of the course.

A Cabeciña Día 3
Anthropology in the bar, too!

The day of anthropology continued through to the night, as Cristina gave the first of our series of Bar-ferences, which will take place every Wednesday throughout August at different venues in Mougás.

At Camping O Muíño’s café-bar, Cristina explained to her diverse audience that, despite what many people tend to think, anthropology is much more than what is shown in the TV series Bones!

To illustrate the many aspects of her profession, she spoke of different projects she has participated in, such as analyzing the content of pilgrim’s backpacks on the Camino de Santiago, life in the small island of Ons in Galicia, religious practices of the people of Dominican Republic and, of course, the groundbreaking archaeology of Costa dos Castros!

Cristina managed to connect with the audience straight away, setting standards high for future Bar-ferences. What better plan than a lively talk whilst drinking an A Cabeciña craft beer?

A Cabeciña. Día 3.

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