A Cabeciña non-stop!

Our team’s hard work is beginning to give results. The top layer of vegetation has been removed and we have reached level 2 in some areas of the dig. We have started using brushes in places where more delicate attention is needed.

We have a growing number of photos ready for processing for the 3D models of the site. We hope to have some models ready soon, for they will help us gain a deeper understanding of A Cabeciña.

In the meantime, Guadalupe (who we wrote about in our previous blog post) is filling her notebook with observations and has started to transcribe interviews on to her computer.

A Cabeciña. Día 5.

A Cabeciña. Día 5.

A Cabeciña is also receiving more and more visitors who come to see the site, watch the archaeologists at work and enjoy the spectacular sea view during one of our guided tours.

There is plenty of work to do at the office, too. Data and photos taken on site must be processed on the archaeologists’ computers. This can be quite time-consuming and not always as attractive as the fieldwork, although it is just as important for the success of the project!

A Cabeciña. Día 5.

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