'A Camboa' Restaurant

Camboas are man-made enclosures built at the edge of the water. The tide comes in bringing the fish which become trapped and thus easily caught when the tide goes out again.

The monks at Oia monastery built such traps, used exclusively for their fishing, closing off a small cove. The remains of this camboa can still be seen at low tide.

The restaurant is built just a few metres away from the camboa looking out to the monastery. Its name is evidence of what you will eat there: the best quality fresh fish.

They also serve good meats, shellfish, rice…

It is a wonderful place to eat with its huge windows which let in the light and reflection of the Atlantic on summer evenings. There is a big, rustic-style garden terrace where you can enjoy your meal or your beer; watching the sun slowly dip down into the sea.

Basic information

Name: Restaurante A Camboa
Address: Rua Vicente lópez, 2, Oia, España
Telephone: 986 36 23 58