'A Casa da Henriqueta' Restaurant

Located in the Arrabal barrio, narrow cobbled streets founded by professionals working for the Oia Monastery: stone masons, blacksmiths, builders… Today it makes an interesting and picturesque setting for a stroll.

A Casa da Henriqueta, a 16th century casona (large house) is right in the heart of the barrio. In those days the house was where all the baking for the monastery took place and interestingly, its empanadas (savoury pastry filled with meat, fish or vegetables) are now one of the restaurant´s specialities.

With its historic links to the land, Henriqueta naturally bases its recipes on fresh-products and tradition. Its fresh fish, meats and shellfish are wonderful, but so is their traditional Galician cooking which somehow has absorbed something from the ancient stones of the house itself. Mouth-watering empanadas, rice dishes and steaming casseroles are all well worth trying.

The house is split up into small, private dining areas, respecting its ancient structure. There is also a well-tended garden with a hórreo (traditional raised granary built of wood or stone) and views over the sea.

Basic information

Name: Restaurante A Casa da Henriqueta
Address: Rúa Vicente López, 3 36794 Oia, Pontevedra
Phone: 986 36 20 13