Sports & Adventure

The Oia region has many leisure and sporting activities to offer and because of its unique combination of sea and mountains, then of course land, water and aerial activities can all be enjoyed.

Pick the sport or activity of your choice:

  • All things ‘equestrian’: Oia is well-known for its beautiful wild horses and horse-riding/trekking.
  • Paragliding: The topography of the area makes it a perfect place for paragliding and unpowered flight.
  • Walking: A range of rights-of-way allow you to explore sites of cultural interest and natural beauty as you exercise.
  • Cycling and mountain biking: Oia’s hills and coastline are perfect for bike-lovers.
  • Surfing & Bodyboard: The rocky and jagged shore attracts the more daring surfers, but there are options for beginners too.