The topography of Oia, with its abrupt rise from sea level to 662m (the highest point of the Serra da Groba), makes it a perfect place for paragliding. The beautiful countryside and coastline look completely different when seen from the air. An excellent way to experience this area with a bird´s–eye view!

Galicia Parapente (Galicia Paragliding)
Telephone: 986 86 25 75 o 609 80 14 61

This company offers various options for those who have never or almost never flown to do so with the utmost confidence and without having to buy equipment.

The school has a team of qualified staff and uses new, fully-tested kits.

Fly in tandem: Flying on day 1 with a teacher who takes care of everything. No previous experience necessary.

Paragliding courses: learn the theory and the practice of paragliding on land and in the air. Take off, landing… everything you need to know to become an independent flyer.