Hiking in Oia

Without doubt one of the best activities on offer in the area. The varied landscape means that you can walk as hard or as far as you want, through stunning areas of natural beauty and sites of cultural interest.

Either out on a short whole-family stroll to a long trek, you will be on ancient footpaths, tracks or cobbled paths. Oia is covered in rights-of-ways so all you have to do is choose the trail which best suits your requirements.

‘Ruta Máxica de Oia’ trail

A great walk which runs along the backbone of Oia from north to south, passing through all the coastal parishes.

It is well-signposted and you will come across such sights as the Sobreiras do Faro (a protected cork oak forest) or the Mougás natural pools. You will also pass interesting rock art panels such as the ‘Auga dos Cebros’ and ‘A Pousadela’ as well as the Cano dos Mouros hill fort. From all three places you have magnificent views over the Atlantic.

The trail ends at the A Cabeciña archaeological site.

Length: 20km approx.
Grade: Easy.

Look up the route and download the wikiloc.

And for a PDF file of the walk.

Circular alternative

You can also do a shorter, circular version of the walk, easily doable in a morning or afternoon.
Length: 7 km.
Grade: Moderate
Look up the route and download the wikiloc.

The ‘4,000 years of history’ trail, Mougás.

Circular walk starting and finishing in A Cabeciña. The trail works as a perfect complement to a visit to this archaeological site, giving you insight into the 4,000 year evolution of this particular landscape

The trail passes various features showing us the human footprint left in the landscape: petroglyphs, old stone barns, mills and washing places along the river help us to identify with the cultural landscape. Other things we see along the way tell us something of how the modern world arrived in Mougás.

Duration: 5km. approx.
Grade: Moderate

Torroña heritage trail

This walk is a complete contrast to the previous trails which all had their obvious link to the sea, with the Atlantic being omnipresent. This trail, however, runs through the highlands of the parish of Burgueira.

Being quite so high up so close to the sea comes as rather a surprise. We are in a sublime landscape of dips and rises formed by ancient, peaty soils.

Along the way we pass an impressive curro de cabalos ; a pen used to hold the rounded-up wild horses, now in disuse. We also pass petroglyphs in the characteristic spiral pattern, the ruins of an early medieval castle and the biggest wolf pit in Galicia. Life and history high up in the hills.

Length: 12´7 km.
Grade: Moderate
Look up the route and download the wikiloc.