Surfing and bodyboarding

The Oia coastline is very popular with bodyboarders and surfers. The strength and nature of the waves brings surfers from all over Spain and Portugal.

The Savage The wildness of the sea and the rocky shore attract the more extreme and daring surfers. Here there is a very sort-after surfer´s wave: ‘A Salvaxe’ – The Savage. Its name is no exaggeration, ‘the Savage’ is a right-hand wave which can reach up to 3m high. It´s one of the most spectacular waves to be found in Galicia, but can be dangerous for the inexperienced. Watch a video of The Savage on Surf GZ.

For beginners we suggest finding smaller waves or contacting the Surf Club ‘Santa María’ in Oia.

For more information check out the Surf GZ website.