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Costa dos Castros participa en Portugal nas Xornadas “Fazer com tod@s” da asociación RIBACVDANA

  A Asociación Costa dos Castros vén de ser convidada a participar nas xornadas “Fazer com todo@s. Arqueologia, Museus e Comunidade (s)” que se celebrarán no Museu do Côa (Portugal). O evento está promovido por RIBACVDANA– Associaçao de Fronteira para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário  e será un espazo de encontro e […]

Chavella: Video blog Nº1

Field director Carlos Otero and Xosé Gago introduce the trench on the southern terrace at Chavella hillfort.

muralla chavella

Chavella hillfort (?): Back in the field

The archaeological season has begun at Costa dos Castros with a second excavation at Chavella hillfort and new challenges to interpret this unique hillfort have arisen. We can’t seem to get our head around Chavella, to the extent that we are considering stopping calling it a hillfort! Location of Chavella […]

Videodiario 3

Videodiary nº3. High hopes at A Cabeciña...

We’re in our third week of the dig and things are getting very exciting at A Cabeciña! Underneath the collapses we are starting to find some walls that seem to suggest that the site was much more monumental that we had first thought… Watch this video to learn more with Xosé […]